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Hydrade Coach Premium features;

Hydration Rate Management - Coaching to master Chronic Dehydration **Highly recommended of heavy drinkers**

  • More in-depth analytics of your hydration status (compare and contrast between current hydration chart and recommended hydration level dating back to far as the day one)
  • Behavioral hydration recommendation taking responsive to anti-hydration sources such as alcohol and a high dose of caffeine
  • Hydration related news and articles
  • More third party support (Alexa, Google Home, and etc.) addition to Fitbit and Apple Watch

Hydration Management for various physical state **Highly recommended for women**

  • Goal-oriented coaching (E.g. to lose bodyweight)
  • The personal hydration guide for defined physical conditions (E.g. patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment-Dehydration is a serious concern for cancer patients because many of the side effects of chemotherapy treatment rob the body of water and electrolytes. ... Thus, keeping up with the body's constant hydration needs can be a challenge for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.)
  • Reactive hydration recommending to your menstrual cycle (can sync with Period Tracking App)
  • The personal hydration guide for women in pregnancy planning. Starting from day one of your pregnancy, your body requires more hydration determined by the different phases of pregnancy. Obviously more hydration is recommended if you are breastfeeding after giving birth.