White Marble Bottle

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**Expected shipping date: March of 2021**

This is one of Bazaarian's marble edition Hydrade bottles!

  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Finish all around including Bazaarian Stainless Steel Bottle Cap which makes the product Dishwasher Safe and 100% Recyclable
  • Double wall insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 22 hours and hot for up to 13 hours with No Flavor Transfer
  • The Lifetime Warranty makes Bazaarian Water Bottles the Most Reliable Bottle
  • Your Today's hydration means providing safe water to a person in need tomorrow. Hydrate2Donate (Hydrate 2 Donate: Hydrate is a good cause product. Hence it uses the hydration intake measurement to match donate to those in need of safe water through a non-profit organization called Charity: Water)
  • Hydration Intake Measure - Hydrade measures the water consumed by the user using various sensors. This unique technology is equipped seamlessly between the cylinders of double wall insulation. 
  • Behavioral Measure - Hydrade uses the unique technology between different sensor to differentiate itself from the other smart bottles already in the market (current smart-bottles in the market measure the difference of water volume in the flask using various methods; measuring strip, proximity sensor, or weight measuring). This technology allows Hydrade to know if you are drinking the water or dumping the water into a sink.
  • Fitbit app and other 3rd party health app support: Hydrade can be connected to the 3rd party app such as Fitbit, Apple Watch and etc.
  • Premium quality: Hydrade built via high-quality eco-friendly materials. It is a #304 18/8 grade stainless steel built bottle with food grade PP level 5 plastics, topped with a durable stainless leak-proof lid. BPA free Sports Bottle, No Liner Needed, The reformulated spout is now 6X stronger
  • Self-charging by solar cells: Hydrade uses unique solar power cells to automatically charge when the bottle is exposed to the illumination. 
  • Hydrade Mobile App: Hydrade is supported by its own app launched in both apple store or google play for the users to stay updated by monitoring their daily hydration intake, hydration logs, bottle's battery status, donation status, and etc.