Hydration is the driving force in you

In the process of Hydrade development we had a chance to test and examine numerous insulated bottles. Some insulated bottles are more durable than others, knowing that, we choose the highest quality materials and components for our smart water bottle.

Hydrade was built with the everyday water bottle in mind. It powers its smarts with the rays of the sun -or your office lights- so you never need to pause your life to charge it. 

Hydrade pairs seamlessly with an active lifestyle by connecting with other fitness tracking devices such as Apple Watch or Fitbit.

More Features

  • Unique Insulated Thermal Tech

    Hydrade's unique insulated thermal tech keeps beverages ice cold for 22 hours and hot for up to 13 hours.

  • Solar Powered

    Hydrade doesn't have a plug on its body. Solar rays power its hydration tracking - so you can treat it like any other bottle.

  • Behavioral Measuring Tech

    Hydrade’s patent pending technology is totally different from other smart bottles. It can sense if you are drinking water or pouring it into the sink, making it the most accurate hydration tracker.

  • Hydrade Mobile App

    Hydrade supports both iOS and Android. With the Hydrade app, you can track your drinking trends and set hydration reminders.

Digital Hydration Monitoring

Own your hydration with the Hydrade app. You can view a hydration log showing how much you drink during the day. Grab a coffee with your friend? Hydrade has your back. You can enter in drinks from other sources. Hydrade Coach(TM) will help you reach your hydration goals so that you feel your best.

Hydrade Mobile App

We are perfecting the Hydrade mobile app. It will be available for download in the Apple App Store and Android Play Store when we ship our first bottles. 


Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, we offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $100, and $5 shipping fee for any purchase less than $100. 

What is your refund policy?

If you do not enjoy the product, please submit a refund request to hello@hydradebottle.com